Find Physician Jobs in TexasThe Lone Star State

Why do physicians choose to call Texas home for their medical career?

The state of Texas has copious amounts of healthcare job openings for aspiring physicians due to the state's high demand. There are over 500 unique cities for doctors choose from when picking a place to work and live. They include the big and urban, suburban but busy, and rural and relaxed. Add on the fact that the cost of living in Texas is lower than the national average and it's no wonder there is a job and place here for all physicians.

On average, the temperatures in Texas are mild, but come summertime the weather has the ability to get over 100 degrees. Texas has a wide variety of environment settings such as sandy beaches, state parks/trails, and beautiful rivers. It makes the perfect destination for the active and adventuresome physician who enjoys the great outdoors.

Low unemployment, resource rich land, respect for the 2nd Amendment, Texas style barbeque, and the never ending growth of cities and businesses are all what makes Texas great. It clearly has a lot to offer a physician looking for a place to take up roots and advance their medical career. The Lone Star state will show you true southern hospitality and numerous job opportunities. Come back often as new Texas healthcare opportunities are updated daily.

Currently in Texas: 2251 Physician Jobs in 172 specialties

Physician - Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Tyler, TX 7570210/31/2023

Physician | Reconstructive Plastic Surgery | Permanent

Physician - Urology

Tyler, TX 7570710/31/2023

Physician | Urology | Permanent

Physician - Academic

Corpus Christi, TX 7840410/31/2023

Physician | Academic | Permanent

Nurse Practitioner - Family Medicine

Lufkin, TX 7590410/31/2023

Nurse Practitioner | Family Medicine | Permanent

Nurse Practitioner - Nephrology

TX 10/31/2023

Nurse Practitioner | Nephrology | Permanent

Nurse Practitioner - Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant

Temple, TX 7650210/31/2023

Nurse Practitioner | Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant | Permanent

Nurse Practitioner - Cardiology

Temple, TX 7650210/31/2023

Nurse Practitioner | Cardiology | Permanent

Physician - Anesthesiology

Longview, TX 7560110/31/2023

Physician | Anesthesiology | Permanent

Physician Assistant - Cardiothoracic

Tyler, TX 7570110/31/2023

Physician Assistant | Cardiothoracic | Permanent

Physician - Urgent Care

Tyler, TX 7570210/31/2023

Physician | Urgent Care | Permanent

Physician - Urology

Sulphur Springs, TX 7548210/31/2023

Physician | Urology | Permanent

Physician - Family Medicine

Lumberton, TX 7765710/31/2023

Physician | Family Medicine | Permanent

Physician - Neurology

Tyler, TX 7570210/31/2023

Physician | Neurology | Permanent

Physician - Urology

Jacksonville, TX 7576610/31/2023

Physician | Urology | Permanent

Physician - Administration

Beaumont, TX 7770210/31/2023

Physician | Administration | Permanent