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Why Use Healthy Lifestyle Apps for Internal Medicine Patients?

As a practicing Internal Medicine Physician, you know that your patients frequently require both medical and lifestyle modifications to reach optimal health. continue reading

Solo Practice versus Group Practice: Pros and Cons for Physicians.

Making the choice between practicing as a solo Physician or joining a group practice can be one of the biggest decisions of your medical career. continue reading

A Physician's Weight: Does It Affect Their Message?

Weight bias and discrimination permeates every part of society. Negative attributes are often unjustifiably ascribed to those who are overweight or obese. As health professionals, we know the importance of exercise, eating well and maintaining a healthy body weight. continue reading

Top Paying States for General Practitioners

Maximizing your income as a General Practitioner in today's healthcare market can be challenging. High overhead, decreasing reimbursements and practice management costs can all eat away at your take home pay.continue reading

Physician Burnout: Tips to Combat Stress

If you are like many health professionals, you spend all day caring for others and often forget to take care of yourself. Long hours, demanding schedules and significant stress can wear away at even the best of us overtime. Whether you are seasoned Physician or a sleep deprived Resident there are some simple strategies you can employ to decrease your stress and prevent burnout.continue reading