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A physician that works to improve or repair a part of a patient’s body is known as a plastic surgeon. This specialty may replace, or repair a part of the body that has been injured, lost, or developed improperly. Body parts such as the nose, ear, hands, limbs, and other facial structures are all common places for a plastic surgeon to operate. The cosmetic side of plastic surgery looks to reshape normal body parts for personal reasons. The reconstructive surgery works to repair a part of the body that has faced an injury from an illness, accident, or other situation. Procedures done by this type of physician include body shaping, laser surgeries, tissue transfers, and any trauma care.


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Interesting Facts

  • Plastic surgery techniques began in WWI. Due to the amount of issues and casualties surgeons were needing to improvise with treatment.

We found 5 Surgery - Plastic Physician Jobs in 5 states

$500K | Plastic Surg | Midwest

Cedar Rapids, IA, IA 5240101/19/2022

Physician | Plastic Surgery | Permanent

DFW Plastic Surgery $1M+

Dallas, TX 7610101/19/2022

Physician | Plastic Surgery | Permanent

Pediatric Craniofacial Surgeon

St. Paul, MN, MN null01/19/2022

Physician | Plastic Surgery | Permanent

Academic Microsurgery

Morgantown, WV 2650101/19/2022

Physician | Plastic Surgery | Permanent

Physician Assistant - Plastic Surgery

Ann Arbor, MI 4810601/17/2022

Physician Assistant | Plastic Surgery | Permanent