Find Physician Jobs in IdahoThe Gem State

Why do physicians choose to call Idaho home for their medical career?

If you're a physician who prefers to practice medicine in a small town with close knit communities and a high quality of life, then Idaho is your perfect destination. Some of the finest small- to medium-sized hospitals in the U.S. are located in the heart Idaho, where physician job opportunities are always in high demand.

A mountainous state overflowing with rivers, pristine lakes, lush parks and snow-capped peaks, Idaho is an outdoor wonderland for the adventurous physician. Its mild temperatures make for beautiful scenery and spectacular landscapes that are primed for fishing, hiking or rock-climbing. Life is anything but mundane in Idaho. Depending on the locale, Idaho also offers a wide variety of historical and cultural events such as music festivals, rodeos, theater and county fairs. There is always something for a doctor to do in Idaho!

Contrary to popular belief, Idaho is much more than just potatoes. With a low cost of living, strong sense of community and a near-nonexistent crime rate, Idaho is quickly becoming a prime destination for job-seeking healthcare professionals and their families. Idaho is the perfect place to enjoy the serene, untamed beauty and community lifestyle that western America offers. Come back often as new Idaho healthcare opportunities are updated daily.

Currently in Idaho: 108 Physician Jobs in 46 specialties