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Top 5 Reasons To Practice Medicine in Houston

If you're looking for information about what you can look forward to if you move to Houston, you've come to the right place! It can be tough to decide where to start your next adventure, especially when your free time is limited. We understand — you want to make the right decision and spend your free time wisely. That's why we've put together a list of five things we think you would enjoy about living in Houston.

There are a lot of restaurants to choose from.

It's been said that Houston has over 11,000 restaurants, which just means that there are more options there than you'd have in a lot of other places. That number doesn't count all of the food trucks and food stands, by the way. Oh, and we heard that they're a favorite for Tex-Mex, so if you love Mexican food, Houston might be the place for you! It can be pretty common to see Tex-Mex stands in combination with a Korean or Vietnamese stand — Houstonians just really love their Tex-Mex that much.

Houston has many options for entertainment, for everyone.

Whether you're into basketball or you're more of the country type and you like rodeos and livestock shows, Houston's got you covered. Houston is also home to some of the best performing arts in the world — they've got opera, cultural displays, performing arts, and more. The city is being recognized as the home of the most beautiful arts and classics in the United States. Their downtown theater district has a wide variety of centers for traditional, modern, and contemporary performing arts.

The cost of living in Houston is low.

Because Houston uses alternate sources of energy across their city, they have lower energy and housing costs. In addition, their agriculture is booming, providing fresh produce at a lower cost for its residents. As a result of these factors, Houston has a reputation of a city with low prices of living. The city relies on resources mainly within its city limits, cutting down on costs of importing goods to sell. Living in Houston gets you the pros of living in the city and having a lower cost of living.

Self-care is a huge part of Houston's culture.

If Houston is where you decide to settle for awhile, you can expect to make self-care a part of your daily routine. You can find plenty of yoga, pilates, and CrossFit classes, as well as a number of gyms all throughout the city. You can also take fitness classes for free at Discovery Green throughout the week. On the third Sunday in January every year, the Chevron Houston Marathon is taken on by upwards of 30,000 runners.

Traveling out of Houston is easy, with Houston being toward the center of the United States.

Whether you're planning on traveling to the east coast or the west coast, plane tickets are relatively cheap (usually less than $200). The pricing will obviously vary from month to month, but overall, plane tickets flying out of Houston can be very affordable. Houston is a major travel hub, so there are planes flying to and from Houston, and from many countries all around the world. If you love traveling, Houston is definitely the place for you.

You've made it to the end of our list of reasons to live in Houston. We love hearing from you, so if you have any questions or you want to tell us anything about Houston, send us an email at!