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Top Paying States for General Practitioners

Maximizing your income as a General Practitioner in today's healthcare market can be challenging. High overhead, decreasing reimbursements and practice management costs can all eat away at your take home pay. If you are interested in maximizing your income as a General Practitioner, you may want to consider working in these highest paying states.

  1. Alaska ($235,000/yr)

    If you are looking for some adventure and a great salary think Alaska. Alaska's beauty and wildlife make it a destination for outdoor lovers that enjoy autonomous work environments. While the cost of living is about 23% above the U.S. average due to elevated housing prices, Alaska has the highest GP pay around(1). Alaska
  2. Iowa ($234,000/yr)

    The Hawkeye State is home to some of the nation's best paying General Practitioners jobs. Cities like Ames, Iowa boast a mean GP salary of $263,000 a year(1). Housing costs in Iowa are also below the national average, making it a great place to start a new practice while increasing your take home pay. Iowa
  3. Kansas ($228,000/yr)

    If you are a GP looking to help patients in the American heartland while making a great salary, then Kansas is for you. Kansas has an attractively priced housing market and a lower cost of living, making it a serious contender for those looking to increase their quality of life. Kansas is also a Patient Compensation Fund State that enjoys some of the lowest medical liability insurance premiums around. Kansas
  4. Hawaii ($228,000/yr)

    It almost seems like you should be paying them for the opportunity to work in paradise. This Pacific paradise has some of the best salaries out there for GP's. Be warned though, Hawaii's elevated salaries are offset by an increased cost of living averaging about 53% above the U.S. average(1). This elevated cost of living is on par with cities like San Francisco, California. Hawaii
  5. Mississippi ($223,000/yr)

    If you are a GP that's interested in banking the most money while helping out patients in need, Mississippi is your state. Mississippi has some of the lowest costs of living in the U.S. and the need for GP's is considerable. This gives interested Physicians the advantage when time comes to establish new practices or negotiate salaries. Mississippi

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